Army Command Philosophy Memorandum

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ATZT-CM 21FEB2011 MEMORANDUM FOR: ALL SUBJECT: Command Philosophy 1. As your Commander, I understand it is a great privilege to lead the Soldiers of X Company. My pact with you is that I will devote all my efforts to ensure the Company continues to live up to its storied past. Here is what I expect from the Soldiers of X Company. 2. We are a team. I expect everyone to treat others as you would be treated; with dignity, honor, and respect. Everyone plays their part in accomplishing the Company’s mission. 3. Live up to the Army Values; Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. 4. Take pride in yourself, your work, and the Warrior Ethos. Strive for personal and unit growth. Written counseling will be conducted at minimum on a bi-monthly basis. 5. Soldiering is a physically demanding job. Challenge yourself daily. Raise your APFT score by 10 points. Take stock in the fact you can do what the average person can’t. 6. We need absolute confidence in our weapons and marksmanship skills. Your survival on the battlefield directly depends on this. We will sharpen your skills, through our marksmanship program so you can employ your weapon with deadly accuracy. 7. We cannot succeed without the support and well-being of our families. The X Company team and FRG will be there for you both in good and difficult times. 8. To make this Company the best it can be, everyone needs to be proactive throughout the month, not just during Battle Assembly weekends. The more we get done during the month, the higher the quality of training we can conduct during Battle Assembly weekends. Your Name Here CPT, CM USAR Enclosures:

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