The Importance of Being on Time in the Military

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The importance of being on time in life and in the military. One reason as to why being on time is important is because showing up late is rude and it messes up other people's schedules. Showing up on time shows that you are not only responsible but professional as well. Showing up late makes you come off as flaky and people will think that you do not care about your career. Even though showing up on time to an appointment shows responsibility and professionalism, showing up a few minutes early is even better. When you show up about 10 minutes early it not only shows that you are responsible but that you are a hard worker and trustworthy too. In the military it is important to be on time because it shows leadership, commitment, loyalty and that you are responsible enough to be trusted without supervision. It is very important to be on time because it is crucial to the mission, my battle buddies, my leadership, and myself as a soldier. It is important to the mission because hit times was made for a reason and if anyone misses the hit time it anything terrible could happen. Being on time always and even being early has great effect on the mission and any plan that has been made for that time period. As a soldier it is my duty to my country to be on time and show up for my duties as instructed by my leaders and higher ups. By doing this I am showing my full dedication to being a Soldier. I want to be a soldier that is known for being reliable and upstanding. I grew up in a home where being on time was a priority the wisest woman in my life my grandmother would always say being early is being on time, being on time is late and being late is just unacceptable. I feel as soldiers it is our duty to follow out this saying. By me not being on time it could have a horrible impact on my duties to my country by causing a mission to not be completed in the time that it needs

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