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Why is it important to follow orders Following instructions is a fundamental skill that is taught to us from an early age. Growing up we are given instructions and are expected to follow them because they are what helps us learn whats right from wrong. Following orders is very important in the Marine Corps.Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders. It is an important procedure that keeps you from making mistakes and can save your life and others. Usually it is Marines with higher ranking that give Marines with lower ranking orders this is called the chain of command. Following orders is something that instills discipline and keeps things in order. Tasks are completed effectivly when the order given is completed effectivley, but it is also important that the order given is understood and comprehended by the recipient of the order. Obeying orders is just a part of life it builds discipline, helps you gain respect from your superiors, and it keeps everything in order. Obedience to orders also shows respect to the individual that gave you the order. In my opinion there is no limit to the consequences that can happen when a Marine does not follow the instructions given to him/her. Failure to obey an order or regulation can result an infraction to article 92 in the UCMJ, and can be punished severely. Article 92 is to me one of the most important article because it lays down ground law. Whatever the order that is given it should be executed with the best of your ability, because it helps strenthen the unit , where the work is spread out and everyone works together so the job gets done quickly. the first lesson of leadership to me is learning to follow orders, because if you do not learn how to follow orders you will never be trusted to give them. Following orders ensures

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