The Importance of Being on Time

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The Importance of Being on Time Agreeing to meet with someone at a specified time is analogous to making a promise to them. This promise implies that you respect the person enough to show up on time—not ten, twenty, even thirty minutes later, and it also implies that you will not blow them off altogether. Keeping your word and showing up on time, or even early, shows that you value the other person’s time, you conduct yourself in a professional manner, and you are reliable. To me, being on time means arriving ten to fifteen minutes early. If you are meant to be somewhere at 6:00 pm and you get there right at six, many would consider you to be late. Showing up early gives a great first impression. The people you are meeting will appreciate that you have kept your promise. This removes one potential worry from their already stressful life, and most people welcome that. Additionally, it allows for any unforeseen problems on the way to your destination, like getting lost. If you plan to be somewhere 15-20 minutes early and get lost along the way or get stuck in traffic, you should still be able to make it to most places on time. In the worst case scenario where you won’t be able to make it, it at least allows you time to call ahead and say you will be late. If you show up right on time, or even a few minutes late, you lose that good first impression automatically. The people you are meeting will not think nearly as high of you, especially if they were worried about you showing up at all. They will associate you with being worried, and it will take a lot to overcome that association. Moreover, if you run into traffic or other problems, you are guaranteed to be late. If you plan on arriving right on time and there happens to be an accident ahead of you, you will surely be late, and probably won’t even be able to give the other party prior notice. Showing
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