Personal Model of Leadership

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No matter what, great leadership will always have the same principals. It doesn’t matter if it was 1,000 years ago, you are in a different country or a different job. Great leadership is still going to have the same characteristics, morals, values and way to empower the people they lead. There are many different models of leadership. The more common types we know about are Servant leadership, transformational leadership, spiritual leadership, chaos theory, emotional intelligence, ect. But the end result still remains the same. Great values, traits and skills are a way to become a great leader. My own personal model of leadership stems from mainly the military, but also different parts of different jobs I had prior to joining the Army. From day one in the army they start instilling the “Army Values”. In the military everyone is going to be a leader or have to lead at any given moment. They teach us all that we are an “Army of one” because we all have the same desire and fight to achieve the same goal. This leadership style is mainly because of at a time of war your leader might be taken out of the fight at any moment. At that moment You may have to take charge and be the leader. As a leader I feel I already have a great impact on society as a whole. Although I may impact the people I work with directly, I have an impact not only my community but my country. I quickly learned when I first joined the Army that I am a role model. Everyone is watching how I not only act but lead because I am in a leadership position. This makes me even try even harder to be a great leader and a positive role model. My actions can have a direct impact on some of the future leaders. One focus I’m going to take on serving my co-workers, organization and society is to show my leadership style. I have had many leaders, bosses, supervisor’s among others who have been in a position of

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