Personal Leadership Plan

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Personal Leadership Action Plan Abstract In this paper I will explain the meanings of leadership from different areas, explore my current situation, needs, strengths, weakness, short term goals, long term goals and lessons learned from my leadership class. Throughout the last couple of weeks I had the opportunity to learn the skills, traits, and principles of a leader. While learning these different items I was able to relate each of them in my daily work and life. As you read along, I have compared leadership to the Army definition to Northouse definitions. Personal Leadership Plan What is Leadership? Leadership is defined in many different ways but the concept of a leader or what reflects leadership is most important. The Department of Defense (2006) describes Army leadership as an enduring expression of BE-KNOW-DO. Army leadership begins with what the leader must BE—the values and attributes that shape character. It may be helpful to think of these as internal and defining qualities possessed all the time. As defining qualities, they make up the identity of the leader. The knowledge that leaders should use in leadership is what Soldiers and Army civilians KNOW. Leadership requires knowing about tactics, technical systems, organizations, management of resources, and the tendencies and needs of people. Knowledge shapes a leader’s identity and is reinforced by a leader’s actions. While character and knowledge are necessary, by themselves they are not enough. Leaders cannot be effective until they apply what they know. What leaders DO, or leader actions, is directly related to the influence they have on others and what is done. As with knowledge, leaders will learn more about leadership as they serve in different positions (2006). The Army definition of Leadership may be geared more to the Army but there is not much of a different view of

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