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M3.10 Introduction To Leadership LEADERSHIP STYLES Since joining IDFS 3 years ago, I have been employed as an Engineering Manager for two of those years, during this time I have learnt that the Manager is employed to get the job done through the people within their team. For this to be effective, a team needs to have objectives/targets to aim for the task to be achieved. The Leader is responsible for the following to be satisfied: • Achieve the Task • Develop Individuals • Build the Team . There are a number of different factors that can influence the style of leadership I employ within my team. To aid in deciding what style of leadership is appropriate for my particular team it is vital that I understand not only how my team is performing or even capable of performing but also the dynamics and personalities of the individuals making up the team. There are three main leadership styles as defined by Lewin, Lippitt and Whites. . Authoritarian (Autocratic) This style is used when leaders tell their team members what they want done and how they want it accomplished, without seeking any advice from them or the team actually having any input into the decision making process. This style of leadership would be bet suited to new team members and also to existing team members that need close and continual management they require a great deal of supervision and guidance to enable us to meet SLA’s and KPI’s Although this style can be seen by some as a heavy handed, almost as a military approach to leadership, it is necessary. The individual is not placed under any pressure to get things right from the outset. They will hopefully understand that they require additional support and guidance, while they are learning a new role and are able to begin to develop a relationship with the other team members. Democratic (Participative)

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