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“How is the Modern NCO the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Traditions?” The modern non-commissioned officer is the embodiment of the Corps’ history and tradition by its core values. The core values are honor, courage and commitment. Each of these have been part of the Marine Corp. These core values have helped marines in difficult times and in everyday life. Honor is defined as honesty, fairness, or integrity to one’s beliefs. To me honor is being able to follow in my elder’s footsteps by being able to serve in the military and being able to actually fight and die for what I believe in. People also fought for their honor, fought for what they believed in. Today, as a marine, I get to fight for what I believe in. Also, marine NCO’s…show more content…
In the past we have had marines that had the courage to jump on a grenade to save his other marines, the courage to go out and risk his life of freedom, courage to not kill an enemy but instead detain him and fix up his injuries when it is hard. For me, I know I have the courage to not take the shortcuts that might skip a step in order to fix the aircraft. Also, the courage to admit when I did make a mistake on over-torqueing a bolt on the aircraft. To me commitment is being able to finish what I started to my best abilities. Also as a marine NCO to help my subordinate marines when they need help. I know that helping subordinate marine goes back for a while. My sergeants and corporals helped me out when I needed it, and I am helping my marines out when they need it also. But commitment is not just that. In the past, marine NCO’s had the responsibility to protect and bring home his fellow marines. Today they are doing the same thing over in Iraq and Afghanistan. That commitment has never changed once in the marine corp. The marine NCO’s are the embodiment of the Marine Corps’ core values because without them we would have no history or traditions. The core values are the basic of every marine; they are embedded in us from the first day of boot camp till we die. Without this I we couldn’t do what we do

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