Warrior Ethos Essay

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WARRIOR ETHOS Sergeant Okuni C. Mawa SNCOA Sergeant Course Gunnery Sergeant Davison November 5, 2013 As a keeper of tradition and as a Marine, “The warrior ethos embodies certain virtues- courage, honor, loyalty, integrity, selflessness and other” I highly belief warrior ethos plays a significant role in my unit’s cohesion and moral but it is not practiced enough due to operation commitments. Ethos is what drives Marines to work hard in order to accomplish their missions, regardless of how hard and difficult the task is. “Every Marine is a rifleman” and they exist to “fight”. This warrior ethos are instill to todays Marines while going through recruit training. Upon graduating boot camp Marines are loyal and they render obedience to orders and their superiors without any compline. Drill instructors did a phenomenon job at training, shaping and instilling warrior ethos in Marines. Through guided discussion and practical applications. By up keeping on enforcing this tradition on regular basis while Marines continue conducting their daily tasks. Marines will maintain and uphold this warrior ethos in and off duty. Therefore this will lead to a chain of participation on each Marine commitment, and as decade past, these issues will no longer be a concern but rather a code of honor that each Marine will be striving hard to achieve and not cave in to temptation or peers pressure. Marines Obey by their core values. Through out history they endure this core values by winning battles and conducting combat operations or humanitarian relief efforts at any given point, time and place. During combat operation Marines are trained ready to deploy any where around the world in a moment notice. Whether to take the fight to the enemy with a bold fire power and surprise. When conducting a humanitarian relief effort, they adapt quickly from the combat mind set to

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