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During its 231 years of existence, the Marine Corps has prided itself in producing many distinguished leaders. From Dan Daly to Chesty Puller, generations of Americans have used the Marines to develop and display their leadership. In order to lead Marines, one must look at where leadership is derived from. It can be found from leading subordinates, developing subordinates, and, most importantly to me, setting the example. We will look at these qualities and significance of how relates to effective leadership. First, leading subordinates is the application of leadership principles that provide direction and motivation to young Marines by using authority, persuasion, and personality to influence subordinates to accomplish assigned task. An…show more content…
Is it a person’s action demonstrated to highest standards of conduct, ethnic behavior, and morals? I would say yes. I also believe it is the most visible facet of leadership. Simply put, it is how well a Marine serves as a role model for all others to emulate. For instance, being in good shape, coming to work with a fresh haircut, and knowing your job are all things that a young Marine looks up to in a leader. As a leader you accomplish this by your personal conduct on and off duty. High standards are a trademark of the Marine Corps and reflecting these principles and values is an iatrical part of setting the example. Along those same lines, being dedicated to duty and setting professional example encourages Marines to seek self-improvement while also giving someone for them to emulate. From experience I have developed my views on leadership and how it relates to being a leader in the United States Marine Corps. In order to be a good leader, we must know from where leadership is derived from. From my experience, it comes from leading subordinates, developing subordinates, and setting the example. When the day comes, and our Marines “step up to the plate” in a combat situation, how will they

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