A Note to Parents

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Mariya Serednya 9/19/13 032 Reaction Journal A reaction journal of “A Note to Parents” “A Note to Parents”, by Rubén Navarrette, Jr., is about parents that trying to do everything to raise their kids. The first main idea is about many parents that are flocking to seminars where experts tell how to stand up to demanding kids, and how to say no in certain situations. The next central thing is that now parents don’t how to deal with their kid. They don’t want to upset their children by saying no. The third main point is that a lot of parents can’t find a balance between providing for their children, and teaching them self-reliance, responsibility, and a work ethic. The next main idea is about that we need to worry about the kid in the suburbs not about disadvantaged kids. The author explains it by that disadvantaged kids will study hard, work for long hours, and push them forward without any help. About the spoiled kid author is asking what society can offer to them? The last one is about that our grandparents a long time ago didn’t have those comforts that we have now. In that time they worked on field to make sure that their kids are not hungry. I agree with all statements that author gives us in the passage. The most that I like is about disadvantaged and spoiled kids. There was question in passage what society should do for Hispanic disadvantaged kids? I like the answer in text very much, because those kids will try to do everything to get up by themselves. I agree that we need to worry more about the kid in the suburbs. They don’t do anything even in house not telling about work but still get car from their parents. Those children doesn’t spent time with parents, because they always working. I can make a connection with last main idea that I wrote about. My grandmother tells me that she at her time didn't have as many clothes as we have now. She, her
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