Creative Writing: The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara

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Marissa always got everything she wanted; I envied how she never had to do chores and got everything handed to her, but then I realized that in the end I became a more independent person because I worked hard for what I wanted. I was young and naïve, but what I did not realize was that she did not have a family that would go to the end of the earth for her and her family tried to buy her love instead of spending the time with her to show her. As a kid I had everything I needed, but not everything I wanted and that is what made me jealous of her. In Toni Cade Bambara’s piece of literature “The Lesson” Miss Moore showed kids, that knew nothing more than the projects, an expensive toy store called F.A.O. Schwartz to make them see that there…show more content…
I myself was a victim of jealousy and until now I never realized how better off I was. I had something that Marissa did not have, a family. Her dad left her when she was young and her mom could not work due to her disability, which is why she was raised by her rich grandparents. Her grandma was a Hollywood agent and her grandpa owned the only feather shop in Las Vegas. They raised six kids and really did not want to raise another one; this resulted in them giving her anything her heart desired. When I read “The Lesson” I felt like the kids who were wishing they could have just one expensive toy, while she was the kid that got all the toys in the entire store. I felt like Sylvia saying, “Who are these people that spend that much for performing clowns and $1,000 for toy sailboats?” (461). Even though she was spoiled with everything but love, it took me a while to realize that what I had was far…show more content…
Everything that Miss Moore put the kids through was to teach them a lesson and I feel like my parents did the same for me; they taught me a lesson to show me that life is not perfect and I do not get everything I want. Lucky for me, once I got out into the real world it was not shocking to me that everything did not go the way I wanted it to be. On the other hand Marissa had everything when she was younger, but once she got out into the real world it would be hard for her to accept life’s obstacles. Buying one’s way to happiness will never work and even though I still do not have everything I am happier than I ever

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