Serve Or Fail John Taylor Gatto Analysis

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Brianna Stahl WR 121/400, Ms. Roush Unit 1: Dialoguing with Others about Ideas Monday, November 04, 2013 Who does not need education, apparently you? Do children really need an education and if they do are they in school too long? This question causes many different reactions from me because I see endless possibilities with schooling and without a financial barrier I would attend school for the rest of my life. As a working adult, who has little time, I often think that schooling goes on for too long. In his article “Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids and why” John Taylor Gatto blames the education system for creating a cattle drive that sends people towards a specific labor goal. In the article “Serve or Fail” written by Dace Eggers, he states that our children…show more content…
Personally I agree with both authors but only up to a certain point. I agree with how Gatto describes the United States is falling further behind in education while he provides us with the contradictory thought that education may not be paramount to a person’s success (Gatto). With many of our greatest minds, having gone no further than secondary education, the key is to give our adolescents more chances to “let them manage themselves” (Gatto, 28) while trying to increase the achievements of people who are not born into the upper class. Like many social constructs, the elitist succeed, while others are left behind. Gatto contends that “schools really are laboratories of experimentation on young minds” (Gatto, 28). While I uphold Eggers belief that school takes place for a longer time period than it should, there is value to be obtained from gaining knowledge on many different topics. Clearly, these authors are expressing the education system is setting

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