Should Homework Be Banned

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Does Homework Have Any Real Educational Value? Imagine the idea of a world without homework. I’m sure some teachers would dread this idea while others may see it as a god send. But to me, as a child this is a dream come true! The benefits of having no homework to do when you come in from a draining day of school are endless, so why in this day and age do we still make such a big deal of it? A ban on issuing homework would increase the amount of time pupils have to do other activities outside of school. I have experienced firsthand that homework takes up a lot of time leaving less free time for pupils to participate in sports and to be active. With growing child obesity here in the UK a child being able to have at least 60 minutes of exercise each day is becoming increasingly more important. Other important parts of childhood including building bonds with family and friends are overlooked when it comes to the importance of school and education but have an equally important outcome on a young person’s life. In my eyes it appears impossible for a child to maintain a healthy balanced diet, acquire the recommended 9.25 hours of sleep and also incorporate family life with the strain and pressure of homework on their shoulders, it would be more likely to see a pig fly by your 10 story window. Homework not only affects pupils it also has a significant strain to a teacher’s life and workload. It can sometimes take several hours to mark the homework of multiple classes reducing the time available for them to prepare a truly inspiring and effective lesson for the next day. Irrespective of homework’s educational value it would have no positive outcome if the true lesson was not initially learnt in class. The prospect of a tiring job dealing with children unwilling to learn is also off putting to the future generation of teachers effecting staff and schools all over the
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