501 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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Use and develop systems that promote communication 1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role Within Calon Lan we have to address a range of groups which we have to communicate with, to enable effective communication, evidence of communication and to adhere to each person’s job role. Directors - It is the responsibility of all directors to inform their managers of all company policies and procedures on order for the business to run according to how they want it to be run. It is also essential for directors to have good communication with their managers so that corrects methods of work procedures are put into effect. Good communication practice between the directors and their managers will ensure that the company is run smoothly and that the managers can then ensure that their line staff can work accordingly. Day to day our director has a big input on what happens with the daily running and the ongoing within the company. Managers - It is essential that managers communicate all essential information correctly to their line staff so that they can follow correct working procedures for the business to run effectively. It is the responsibility of the managers to communicate all information that their line staff require to ensure that all their tasks under their job requirements can be adhered to and to ensure that they have all resources to complete their jobs to a good and expected standard. It is also essential for managers to communicate with their directors if there any issues which can only be resolved by the directors or any pieces of information that they require for them to carry out their job correctly. Care co-ordinators - It is essential that care co-ordinators follow their job role, listen to instructions and use the resources that have been provided to them by their directors and managers so that they can carry out
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