Will Gm's Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?

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Will GM's Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success? Organizations face many uncertainties of the future because of the industry has become more and more complex.The failures of businesses, which was resulted by lots of unprecedented problems have occurred over the past years. So in order to survive from these inconsistencies, the managers need to make new strategy and tactics. Of course the future is not us to see so there will be full of uncertainties and gaps. We must come up with plans to cover those gaps and uncertainties. This is a study about analyzing and answering those five problems in the foundation of successful management of planning. To discover the problem earlier the better. It will give us enough time to think about solutions. So, planning is the key to success for any business. Planning is a process of setting up goals and deciding on how to meet the goals strategically. It requires the use of strategic management which involves implementation, execution and formulation for an organization to carry out its strategies and goals effectively. The three line managers of the first, middle and top leads the way to achieve to their missions and goals. They also responsible for setting up the tactical, work plans and strategies. They take control of the strategies and finally they make implements. It is vital for managers to involve employees from all classes in the organization to achieve the organization’s goal. Each supplying that were input to the organization which will create time for adequate planning. Also it is an attribute the managers have to own to help to meet the goal for the ability to make snap and timely unplanned decisions on varying circumstances in the organization. By observing its low pace or best performance, the perks in planning involve checking the organizations progress. Planning is another to harmonize the activity of

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