207 Health and Social Care

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Assignment 207 Understand person centred approaches in adult social care settings Bix Explain how the self-esteem of an individual using the service is linked to their well being A person with a low self-esteem is more likely to have negative thoughts about themselves. This has a knock on effect of low confidence which could lead to a person behaving in a way that may cause others people to reinforce this low opinion of them. This will help to increase those negative feelings. It is a vicious circle. These negative feelings can also determine how well a person is feeling physically. Having self-esteem can have a positive effect on a person’s well-being. Bx Describe two attitudes or approaches which could promote the well-being of an individual using the service Listen to what the individual has to say. All people have feelings and thoughts and these should be taken into consideration. People have choices and encouraging them to make informed choices gives confidence to make the right decisions for them. Showing understanding to a person within the service, ask questions, get involved, give positive responses, this also gives confidence and will encourage a person to feel assured about doing things for themselves which has a feel good factor. Bxi Identify two ways of making sure an individual’s physical environment promotes their well-being Living in an environment that is safe and secure, that have staff who promote independence along with varied physical activities, all work towards a service user feeling good about themselves, a feeling of well-being. SU’s can make choices about what they wish to do with their time, doing things they enjoy, things that stimulate their mind and body all promote this and will make them feel good
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