Counselling Concepts Essay

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COUNSEELING CONCEPTS EXTERNAL ASSIGNMENT 2008 Where did I come from? For some time now I have considered training to become a counsellor, I trained as a chef at college in 1984. I left catering in 1990. In 2003 I was in a car accident and could not return to work. I now realised that I could now use this time to gain skills to help people, I have studied reiki, meditation and relaxation and truly believe I am on the right path. I arrived on the 1st day of the course feeling very worried I thought I would be overwhelmed about speaking to people after being on my own for the past 4 years, but by the time of our break I was feeling a lot more relaxed. The course gave a greater insight than I expected. What did I experience? Define counselling and give examples of what is not counselling. Counselling is to help a client work through their issues in a safe and comfortable environment. The counsellor offers time, attention and respect to enable the client to explore and identify for themselves what it is that is troubling them, and gives them the opportunity for self-exploration. They will then be able to look at their thoughts and emotions to see how their behaviour impacts on themselves and others. It gives them a greater sense of personal skills to find ways to living a more resourceful life, giving them the confidence to take positive steps towards a better sense of wellbeing. A counsellor abides by the code of ethics and practise. Will agree with a client a contract whereby the client is clear on what to expect from the beginning of the sessions. Allowing them to work through their issues with confidence. Other professions like teachers, doctors, solicitors and also friends, are thought by most clients to be like counsellors by them being in official roles. There are many ways of helping in a non-counselling way. You may go to your GP because you see them
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