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Self-concept Refers to the way a person thinks about their abilities in a variety of ways. Self-concept is related to self-esteem, a person’s self-concept affects their self-esteem. Self-image Self-image is the way someone sees themselves – you can have a positive self-image or a negative self-image. People, who have a positive image, see themselves who they really are, not just how they think they look. However, for people with a negative self-image they see themselves for worse than what they really are. Having a negative self-image can lead to conditions like anorexia and bulimia, which is usually a result of them hating the way they look. Yet, having a negative self-image isn’t always as drastic as this. A person’s self-image – how they see themselves - is usually down to criticism that they have received throughout their life. For instance if someone was told that throughout their life that they had a horrible big nose, this would then cause that individual to have negative self-image of their nose when they are older. Self-image can be affected by things like the media and magazine – if someone was constantly faced with skinny models this could cause them to start hating their body and want to look like a model – causing them to develop a negative self/body image. Self-esteem A person’s self-image and self-esteem are linked – if you have a good self-image you will probably have a high self-esteem, and if you have a negative self-image you are most likely to have a low self-esteem. A high self-esteem comes from having a good self-image. With a high level of self-esteem you more likely to be confident, happy, high motivated and will always have the right attitude to succeed. Low self-esteem comes from having a poor self-image. Low self-esteem feeds the negative thinking and causes you to believe the criticism others make of you, this can then cause

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