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The reason why I want to join Year Up is that I feel that it will give me the guidance I need to further my self for the future. I believe that Year Up is a good program for me and my peers. The reason why I believe it is a good program is because it was founded to give youth the skills an training they need. To achieve there personal goals and to be confident in furthering there education. I am a good candidate for Year Up because I have many personal values that will contribute to the Year Up program. Some of my values are achievement, knowledge, and personal commitment. Some personal strengths ( NO APOSTROPHE ON STRENGTHS) that I have are that I’m hard working and motivated. I feel these personal values will contribute to my success as AN IT professional. (OK I COULDN'T RESIST A WORD USGAE ERROR!) "AN" , NOT "A" Achievement is something that we all want to do. One way I feel I have achieved is by graduating from high school and finishing up one semester at Middlesex Community College and taking courses at Bunker Hill Community College. Although while at these schools I was not studying what I wanted to study (COMMA) I felt like it was a way for me to find the true meaning of going to school. The meaning of going to school for me is to study your interest and something you can see your self doing years from now. Knowledge is something that I have always wish to gain because it gives you power. I always like to stay committed to whatever I am doing. My reasons for going to school are to help me and my family in the future and improve our lives. Helping others I feel is party of my personality. The job I had during high school was working as a youth organizer at Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation. Working there gave me the knowledge to work with computers, working in teams, and event planning. It helped us plan and hold two block

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