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In this essay you will see my findings on my particular learning style, personality type, and how I can now benefit by knowing this and how to expand my knowledge in implementing other way of learning. “Overall, learning is a blend of various styles.” (Pheifer, 2009). I discovered that my style of learning is that I am a visual learner! This came as a surprise to me since I always thought of myself as a hands on learner. Although in reflecting on this for a bit I realize that I do visualize and retain more information by reading and studying material, not just the hands on approach. ” Since much of life is understood through the visual information processed by the brain, visual cues in education may be used to take advantage of how the mind works.” (Pheifer, 2009). I also learned in this assignment that my intelligence type is an Intrapersonal “self-smart” individual. This definitely did not come as a surprise to me, I have always been a work alone type of person, although at times it is nice to work in a group, and to be self-disciplined. I also found that my intelligence type is an analyzer and a supporter, this also is not a surprise, I am always the person who is there for other people with and open ear and objective opinions. Knowing that I am a visual learner, an intrapersonal, and a analyzer and supporter, will definitely help me out in the aspect of completing my degree, and in the career field. How? By knowing these things I can now focus on the direction that I want to go for my career, and the self-motivation to keep up on my studies, and graduate with honors. I have always leaned toward being self-employed and now I know that is within my reach! To improve my learning style and make adjustments to be successful in my studies I will need to broaden my horizons. By becoming more of a people person and interacting with classmates in discussions

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