Phi Alpha Delta Law Scholarship Report

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Since I was in middle school, I always knew that I wanted become a lawyer. Everyone would say, “Aimee, you like to argue, you should be a lawyer”. What started out as a joke, became what I aspired to be. So that was my plan, to become a lawyer, or so I thought. I spent the next 20 years of my life setting myself up for a career in law. I specifically selected a high school with a law program. I was pre-law in undergraduate school and I even pledged and became a member of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity. Things were on track for law school and soon after college, I took my LSATS and was accepted into law school with a $20,000 scholarship. Everything seemed to be working out as planned. I had finally achieved what I had worked so hard for,…show more content…
Since I come from a Latino background, I was able to relate with the families on many levels, especially culturally and linguistically. I noticed I was able to mediate different conflicts and issues that arose between the foster children and the families. Being able to bridge the gap between the two generations has been proven to be essential in maintaining mental health within the family. As a Waiver Service Provider, one of my responsibilities is to conduct group and one-on-one therapy sessions. Over time I was able to see the positive the effects these sessions had on the children and their families. Conducting these sessions has taught me the importance of incorporating the foster parents. I was able to help the parents implement techniques and strategies that resulted positive behavior changes in the children. I have never been more ready or eager to take the next step in my journey and begin my studies in mental health counseling. I believe this program will lead me to a fulfilling career, which will be rewarding in terms of the help I will provide to others. I feel that I would be able to make a valuable impact and perhaps even more importantly, as I have worked so hard to get to this point, I would remain committed to studying because it means so much to

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