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I am presently completing a PGCE in Secondary English at the UOM. I would like to apply for the post of full time English teacher at NCHS School which I saw advertised on TES. During my time as a PGCE student on placement at your school NCHS School and at MEA, I have found a love for teaching which I know will only increase as my skills advance. I thrive on being presented with challenges and finding ways to overcome them. My skills in reflecting on my own work have developed and I set myself daily targets, ensuring I meet them. The staff that I have worked with at both of my placements have been motivational. The English departments constantly endeavour to be better, to achieve more and to support each other. I have modelled myself on the good practice I have seen around me consulting with other members of staff to discover the best ways in which I can support students. I am interested in working in a dynamic, forward thinking and inspiring environment and I believe NCHS School would provide that. I know I can offer a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious to students and colleagues alike,…show more content…
I will encourage students to get the most from their education and foster high standards of behaviour while making students’ time at the school a positive and enjoyable one. I am aware of the expectations placed on driving high academic achievements and behaviour and I am prepared to volunteer my time to become involved in activities which will develop NCHS School, helping to construct an even more successful community inside the school. I am eager to assume a pastoral role alongside my teaching duties, to shape the pupils experience of learning as a whole. I have successfully communicated with parents and carers of students to guarantee their support when dealing with challenging behaviour and also in congratulating students who have exceeded
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