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Reflection Adriana Hornsby COMMS 1001-83 Walden University August 29, 2011/Week 6 Instructor Dr. Ward Reflection My goals while attending Walden University are to strengthen my skills in communication and management. Through the selection, of courses for my BSBA degree, I hope to gain new skills that can be applied in my current role as an IT Manager as well as bring those skills to write papers that will highlight achievements and overall improvements made in writing. Obtaining my degree, is an important aspect of achieving my professional goals, as it will open doors for advancement, and will give me the confidence I need to take on new challenges. Through my academic learning, I am also setting an example for my children about…show more content…
As I reflect on this statement, I see the development of my knowledge through the first two courses. I have used several key factors gain through the communication class that helped me with my current role. In the communication course reading materials, I applied various topics while having conversations with individuals in my team this included techniques for active listening, and obstacles that affect active listening (Dobkin & Pace, 2006). Communication is a key component for future success and relationship building. My goal is to apply the knowledge gain in each course and reinforcing it in my professional career, and at the same time make a positive social change in my community. This is one of the goals listed by Walden’s Mission, Vision, and Goals statements. Focusing in applying academic knowledge with real-life experiences provides a stronger gain for future wroth, and more value to my personal development. Another important outcome listed by Walden University goals is to appreciate, respect, and advocate for diversity. For me personally, this was one of the reasons for choosing Walden University, as well as selecting my field of studies. I strongly believe that if we learn and embrace diversity our society can be richer and more powerful. This is something that I practice myself and encourage my children to

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