African American Family Diversity

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African Americans are a group of people that have overcome several obstacles from slavery to freedom to a seat at the White House. African Americans are one of the most respected and important groups in American history because they were courageous enough to stand for something that they believed in until laws were changed so that they were treated equal to white American citizens. Today, African Americans are still excelling and living the American dream, but some question whether their culture is the reasons for the negativity in their communities. African American culture is consists of people take pride in family, music, religion, and community. Unity and religion is what made this group of people strong and powerful. They are always looking for ways to come together to fellowship or celebrate that unity. An African American family reunion is an example of how family and community come together to celebrate unity. At a family reunion you will find food, music, games, family, friends, and the most creative t-shirts (and everybody there has one). In today’s society the unity is not as strong as it was in the past. There are more black on black crimes and the church is no longer the backbone of their communities, the African Americans are still one of the most successful and powerful ethnics groups in America. In the past…show more content…
I am going to model W.E.B. Du Bois and stress the importance of education to my students. I will also present myself to them as a positive role model by speaking proper English, dressing professionally, and developing relationships with each of them. I am very excited and I am looking forward the opportunity to reach and teach my students into be successful in the classroom in life. My goal is to develop my students into critical thinkers, problem solvers, and life-long
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