Reflective Essay: My National Honor Society

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National Honor Society members have an outstanding performance in the areas of leadership, service, character and their academics. They must demonstrate a leader and model to others a person leaning towards success. Members must work well with others and be willing to give back to the community. Although, not only do they have to display leadership and service, but members express honesty, loyalty, courtesy, concern and respect within their character. The traits I have chosen for my personal character are applicable to me because I have always looked upon the characteristics of a successful person and I believe my personal character possesses the traits. I am the oldest of my four siblings and it is necessary for me to be a role model and pave the path for each of them. My parents must depend on me to be responsible to look over them at times. I show my siblings my self-confidence so they can take that and overcome any challenges they might face and not to fear them. When they struggle on homework I’m there to navigate them through it until they are capable of doing it on their own. Being the oldest has taught me my leadership skills that I have used in my life by far and could use within my National Honor Society. Besides developing…show more content…
If it were not for being the oldest of 4 I might have not learned my leadership skills faster than others. Teamwork with classmates, team mates and myself have seen how well I can work with others and it leaves me yearning to work and help for the benefit of others. Altogether, peers, family, and I have helped build my character and showed me to respect others and show them my dedication, concern, honesty, loyalty and so forth. Becoming a member of the National Honor Society would be an honor and I will dedicate the time and everything I have to offer into the

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