The Mean Green Chalkboard Analysis

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Nazmeen Mohammed WRT 101-062 Mr. Kaiser The Mean, Green Chalkboard. Many considerations are taken into account when choosing a career. While money may be a motivating factor, I believe there is something innate drawing you towards a career. For example, Police uphold the law and take pride in their work. Doctors are drawn to their profession because they want to save lives; Teachers are drawn to their profession to help and guide minds eager to learn. Although these professions are filled with excellent people, there are those who are not so good at what they do. My experience, unfortunately, was with a not so good teacher. I remembered clearly my teacher, let’s call her Ms. Smith; she was my sixth grade teacher. She had a mean reputation…show more content…
From the first day of class she seemed to be rude and abrupt. If she asked a question and you didn’t hear it the first time, and you ask her to repeat it, she would say that it was “too bad. She would then follow by saying, “I don’t have time to repeat myself”. I was scared to raise my hand and ask questions because she would talk down at you and she made you feel like an idiot for even asking a question. I recalled asking her to explain a question from the homework she had assigned to us, and she said she’s not going to explain it, that that’s the reason she gave them to us as…show more content…
They were going around to each classroom trying to sell their cakes. As they were walking towards Ms. Smith’s classroom, she heard them, and immediately shot the door closed. “Cakes are not good for you, why are these little critters selling cakes? Do they want to give us diabetes?” she said, as she was walking away from the doorway with a look of disgust and scorn. We were all shocked and scared. The class room grew silent, not a single person twitched or pressed on their pencils hard after that, afraid of releasing the devilish display that they had just

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