Patty Desolatia's Suicide

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Opening Statement May 12, 2012 is a day that many won’t forget. On that day people lost a daughter, a friend, a classmate. For on that day, Patty Desolatia took her own life. This was not a suicide, this was a homicide but with words as the weapon. Let me tell you a little bit about Patty. She was a bright, outgoing, young woman who had intentions of going to Chapman University in the fall. Unfortunately, Patty struggled with an eating disorder since she was in middle school. She, like many, went to food to take away her stress. Earlier this year, Patty Desolatia tried to help her fellow classmates when she reported Kyle for having prescription drugs. Since her allegations were true, Kyle consequently ended up being expelled from school.…show more content…
Hahaha” While one might defend this by saying, that’s high school, kids are mean to each other, and it makes you grow into who you are. Yes, they are right, but when is there a line drawn? Day after day, hour after hour, Patty was being emotionally torn down by her peers. Not only being called the names of “rat” or “Fatty Cakes” but also continually bullying about food. On May 6, Patty cried out to the public, through making a video and posted it on a social media website called Youtube, titling it, “Pretty or Ugly”. On this video, Patty wanted the honest truth on how people looked at her. Her peers responded to this video, not with love and compassion for a teenage girl who struggles with self-esteem, but with mockery and judgment. On the same day as Patty posted the video, the bullies posted on her wall stating how the video was “rad and totally epic”. The very next day, May 7th at 4:14pm, Ms. Desolatia posted on her Facebook, “sigh… I swear today was the worst day that I have ever had before; I just wanted to kill myself. The humiliation was sooo overwhelming it was tangible. Why can people be so mean? IDK, I just always want people to treat me the way they want me to treat them.…show more content…
On May 8th, Spencer and Krysta created a prank to play on Patty. Spencer pretended to ask Patty to prom and get her excited only to have Krysta walk up with a cake that had “Fatty Cakes” written on it. Patty was humiliated at school in front of her peers. Now I ask you again… were does one draw the line? Because these bullies didn’t stop there. On Friday, May 11th, Krysta and Spencer created a video in mockery on Patty’s “Pretty or Ugly” video. In this video the bullies suggested that there was no reason for Patty to be a live anymore and that she would be better off not living. At 7:06 Brett Smith commented on Patty’s Facebook Post stating “this prank has been epic with a BOOM!! It’ll be talk about for years after we graduate! I think we surprise ourselves sometimes. BOOM!” Patty replied to Mr. Smith’s commented stating, “I know, I get it. Jokes on me! Story of my life, I am the “butt” of the joke, hahaha says those with the daggers in their hands. Hahaha as they cut and poke and weaken the other. Hahaha I say as I fade into silence with a sigh. Goodnight madness of reality, hello serenity of slumber.” Now, I ask you what could of made a 17 year old senior, with a bright future, and a loving family, go into the darkness to cut her wrists causing her to bleed out from her arteries and then hang herself in the ceiling of her bedroom? Was it the struggle with herself or was it the emotional destruction making her feel

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