Destroying Avalon Book Review

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Destroying Avalon By: Kate McCaffrey (Spoilers included) Destroying Avalon is about an ordinary country girl named Avalon whose parents decide to move to the city. Avalon didn’t have a good feeling about this, but eventually her mother convinced her that city life will be a good change for her. Avalon trusted in her mother’s words and was looking forward to meeting new friends and starting a new life. Avalon meets a few friends on the first day, but not everyone is accepting. Avalon was a pretty, smart and kind girl so she was a definite threat to the popular girls. The popular girls (also known as ‘The bitches’) verbally bullied Avalon on a daily basis, but it didn’t end there. One would believe that your own home is the most peaceful and safest place, right? Wrong. For Avalon, she was also strongly cyber bullied by a group of people on multiple blog pages that were initially started by an anonymous under the username Dragon Girl. She discovered her real friends – Tamara, Marshall, Sukey and Jemima (who were labelled the lamest group in the school). She was driven insane but her charming new best friend, Marshall, taught her to be strong and block it out – which is what she did. Everything was going so well, and then all of a sudden the bullies targeted Marshall as well. Marshall was grateful the bullies had loosened up on Avalon because he was madly in love with her ever since the first day he laid eyes on her, but on the other hand, he was also devastated he was getting all this undeserved hate. Avalon wasn’t aware how much all of this bullying was harming Marshall, she didn’t realise that all this bullying was slowly and painfully killing Marshall on the inside. Avalon was blind towards Marshall’s feelings for her because she had always had the impression that he was homosexual because he was more in touch with his feminine side. Marshall

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