Andrea Yates-Psychoanalytic Perspective

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Psychoanalytical Perspective: Andrea Yates was academically successful in her early life. She was bulimic and depressed in her teenage years and had even talked to a friend about committing suicide. Before meeting Rusty, Andrea was just overcoming a broken relationship which would have left her vulnerable at the time. She moved in with Rusty and they got married a short time afterward. They both planned to have as many possible kids nature would allow. It is possible Andrea agreed to having as many kids as possible with Rusty to create the family she never had. Andrea had five children; four boys and one girl and they moved around about three/four times. After the birth of their second child, Andrea started to keep more to herself. By the…show more content…
Andrea was diagnosed as suffering from postpartum depression with psychosis, and she had been taken off her anti-psychotic medication about a month before the children’s deaths. Andrea’s husband, Russell, claimed he had been pleading with doctors to again prescribe Haldol, used in treating people who hear voices or have delusional thoughts but her treatment was discontinued. It is possible it was genetic because her siblings also had a mood disorder and were on anti-depressants. Sociocultural Perspective: Rusty and Andrea were influenced by the religious views of Michael Woroniecki, a traveling minister whom they had bought the bus from. Rusty only agreed with certain things Woroniecki believed. However Woroniecki had a major influence on Andrea, she was capatovated by his ideas. He preached bad mothers who go to hell and raise children who will go to hell too. Those words resonated with Andrea. At the time she killed her children, she believed she was possessed and that the sign of Satan was marked on her scalp. She told the police that her children “weren’t developing correctly” and that drowning them was the only way to save them. It is possible the ideas of the minister pushed her to believe she a bad mother and to spare her kids from going to hell, she took it upon herself to take their
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