Personal Essay: Moving To Jersey City Heights

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Bullied It all started September 2001 I had just moved from Jersey City Heights to the Journal Square area. While I was living in the Heights I was attending number six school where I had many friends and got along with almost everyone. Then the day came where my mom said we had to move and I had to attend a new school. At the time I was only six years old. I then began attending number eleven school where I made one friend only because she lived down the block from where I just moved. Once I started at number eleven and met my new teacher and classmates I was nervous and a lot of the kids did not seem to like the fact I was there. The day I stepped into that class was the day my life changed and has shaped me into the person I am today. I was four years old when my family and I moved to Jersey City Heights. My time living there I was happy and I started…show more content…
The principle whose name was Mrs. Bruno came out and apologized for what was happening and told her she would have Ms Cameel bring Ranasha to the office so we could talk our issues out. When Ranasha and Ms. Cameel arrived in the office Ranasha acted as if she was my best friend. So because of that no one believed me. After that we went back to class and everything seemed fine but once lunch time came they bulling was even worse. I promised myself I was not going back to school and I told my mother but she insisted I’d go and I had no choice. So instead I would act out and not go to class and stay in the bathroom. I stopped completing my work and began to make myself sick just so I could go home early every day. Ms. Cameel told my mother if I did not start completing my work I would not be promoted to the third grade. I was upset but I had to get away from Ranasha amd the rest of my classmates. The end of the year came and I was told I would be repeating the second grade and my teacher would be Ms.

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