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I Think I will die at the end”, - a sentence in an opening statement of Margaret Edson’s play called ‘The Wit’. Even though it may seem like Vivian, the protagonist is ruining the play by informing the audience that and calls herself an unwittingly accomplice shows us that while Death is a major theme of the play it’s not the main focus. Margaret’s play shows us the life of a Professor of 17th century poetry now a patient battling death under the treatment of doctors who doesn’t understand that practicing medicine is much more than hinging decisions on scientific and empirical fact. The play starts with the protagonist Vivian remembering how she found out that she has stage4 metastatic ovarian cancer. Her doctor breaks the news to her without the least humane consideration of her emotions just like she used to treat her students. Throughout the play we see lack of empathy both in Vivian’s and through the behavior of the hospital staff. We see a clear example of lack of empathetic behavior when she tells one of her students “You can come to this class prepared or you can excuse yourself from this class, this department and this university. Do not think for a moment that I will tolerate…show more content…
To Vivian, losing power is like losing herself. Her whole life she was trying to figure out John Donne’s sonnets and now she is trying to figure out herself. She doesn’t know what is going since the language, vocabulary and the setting has changed. On the hierarchy, she is shifted from the very top to the bottom. From being a scholar of body of work to a research material turns Vivian into an infantile stage, she literally becomes not only an infant, also a student when she says, “Once I did the teaching, now I am being taught.” Vivian likes to believe her only defense is the acquisition of vocabulary, while she has no defense left with her actual condition making her

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