Character Analysis: Scared Silent

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Scared Silent Valerie Martin’s Mary Reilly presents us with Mary Reilly, a twenty-two year old housemaid working in prestigious Henry Jekyll’s home. She values her job dearly as she feels safe for once after enduring her abusive alcoholic dad as a child. Mary Reilly is quiet, yet when her Master, Jekyll, takes an interest in her past, she finds herself guiding him and giving him advice. Mary Reilly becomes Master’s sense of direction as he often comes to her with questions and thoughts; how ever once faced with something violent or angry, the logical and well-spoken Mary finds herself lost and in a haze. Violence and anger confuse and silence the otherwise clear and level headed Mary Reilly. Mary Reilly is left in a daze with many unanswered…show more content…
Hyde, Jekyll’s new and ominous assistant. When Mary brings Mr. Hyde a cup of tea as he requested, he breaks the cup in his hand and smears the blood all over Mary’s face and inside her mouth. Mary becomes paralyzed with fear. She stands there with tears welling up as she yearns for Hyde to end the harassment. Retelling the incident in her journal, Mary writes, “It is hard to write this, feeling as I do, afraid to set down what happened for fear of what comes next. I want to cry out, I will not stand for this, but I’ve stood for worse, that much is certain, and I’ve no right to speak now. Nor have I ever” (162). Mary admits that she is scared to speak out against what happened between her and Hyde. She claims she has stood for worst and she had no right to speak then and has no right to speak now. Mary declares she is even afraid to be writing down what occurred. This is a crucial thing for Mary to admit. Mary’s writing is very precious to her; It is where she writes what she pleases and where she finds her voice. Yet the horrid act of violence leaves her fearful about recording the event. When Mary states she has stood for worse, the act of violence reminds her of what she dealt with as a child and her abusive father. Although she has worked hard to try to forget about those times and distance herself from that experience, the violent act brings her back to those time and with that comes the fear of speaking
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