Compair And Contrast Of Meddea And Hedda

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The connecting elements between Hedda and Medea are the way they were both raised and forced to live in a world designed to be controlled by men. While Hedda is often referred to as the “modern” Medea, the concept of the role of women in society was hardly adequate to satisfy the needs of each woman, during either time. On the other hand, Hedda Gabbler points to the subject of individualism, especially towards women and their petty role in society. Medea is the victim of a more traditional suffering experienced by women that of being dependent on the extreme love felt towards a man that ironically, in the end, was not mutual. Another coinciding element found in Medea was vengeance. She seeks out the one who hurt her and did whatever she could to make sure he felt worse than she ever did, even at the expense of her own children. While both women crave independence, they are denied the environment in which to successfully follow through with this need. In each of the stories one can feel a sense of sympathy for each woman because they were not raised to survive successfully in their respective societies. Neither were able to deal with relationships, and rely instead on their innermost qualities of their character to get through. It seemed Medea possesses strength, and determination but her most severe quality, which one can argue was her downfall, was her conscious. It takes a special kind of person to be able to cope with a twisted and sadistic mind such as Medea. This would eventually lead her to the most unthinkable and difficult of all actions. She fights feelings of compassion and her deepest instinctual feelings in order to murder her own children. Medea is also a very smart person; this can be seen in her actions preceding the opening of this story. During her escape from her homeland of Colchis, in order to live with Jason in his homeland of Iolcus, she kills

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