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Question4 : How is this a change in the book and a pinncole change between mother and son The author uses the word “twilight” on page 300, this is the time of the day which is the changing of day in to night, however it reflects on the boo and forshadows a possible change in the story to come eg. Ishmael has to make a decision regarding handing in the evidence he finds in the light house, will he do it or has the “twilight” reached darkness and is it too late for him. This point is emphasized when he talks about Millholands notes in his pocket where he attempts to :” feel the intimation of god he felt as a younger person” this reflects upon his cold character he has after the war and shows that before the war he was a more approachable person…show more content…
He then continues to tell his mother all of the biased factors which contribute against kabuo being innocent which makes Ishmael seem weak as if he is trying to balance out odds against kabuo. He clams that the accused man was not “remorseful” however we know that this statement is incorrect as kabuos facial features are the ones of a man hiding his past war experiences. Ishmaels mother comments after he’s explained to her about how the Japanese were trained and how he was trained to kill them without any remorse ; she says : “Like you, Ishamel , he served in the war. Have you forgotten –that-that he fought in the war? That he risked his life for his country” she is trying to tell Ishmael that many men were effected by the events that happened during the war, there is also a subliminal message that is telling Ishmael that if the war managed to change Kabuo that the same impact has effected Ishmael in a similar way and that his mother wants the previous version of her son back. However Ishamel seems to dismiss this point which shows a lack of respect for his mothers opinion and views on the situation which really should have enlightened him to hand in the evidence…show more content…
If you can find them again. If you havn’t gone cold forever.” Up to this point his mother has been evasive of saying how she feels about Ishmael in the blunt manner , however this point shows that she is tired with Ishmaels stubborn attitude towards his feelings and how he should have approached this child instead of this childish way to act. This shows that even his mother now doubts him as a human being as well as many other characters in the book doubt him. This is critical changing point in the novel as Ishmael has one of the biggest choices given to any of the characters regarding the outcome to kabuo, and he is being blinded by his emotions for

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