The Most Important Theme in "Speak"

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The Most Important Theme in “Speak” There are various themes present in “Speak”, by Laurie Halse Anderson. One important theme is to overcome your past. This is the most significant theme for several reasons. The first reason is: if you don't overcome your past it is going to depress you. The second reason as to why it is important to overcome your past is: you will be able to get on with your life. The third reason why this theme is relevant is: not overcoming your past may cause you to completely shut down emotionally and physiologically. The last reason why this is so important is: by not overcoming your past you cause yourself to lack confidence. Not overcoming your past could ruin your life, like it almost did Melinda's. First of all, not overcoming your past will cause you to be depressed all the time. Always being depressed can cause you many problems in life. These problems are not only medical and emotional problems, but they are also social problems. For example, Melinda's depression, which was caused by not overcoming her past, caused her an enormous amount of difficulties. Melinda thought there was something wrong with her, like she was useless. She had a lot of trouble making friends and when she did make a friend her depression drove them away. Melinda's depression even caused her to cut herself and contemplate committing suicide. Melinda's depression could have been avoided if she had learned to overcome her past earlier. Next, if you don't overcome your past, you will never be able to get on with your life. Whatever happened to you will make you feel like it was your fault. Your life will become filled with regret. For instance, Melinda could not get on with her life because she wouldn't overcome her past. She had flashbacks of that horrible night at that party when she was raped. Every time she would see one of her

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