Why Peoples Suicide?

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Why is the people’s suicide? We all understand suicide like the final act of a person psychologically affected by internal and external factor such as the climate, the surrounded people, or a feeling of loneliness. Those factors lead the individual to a desperate act, his or her own death. Regularly, we see on the press how people end their own life and we may wonder why. Studies have shown that often the place where a person lives is a crucial factor in the good or bad development of his or her mental health. Those studies have revealed how important the sun to improve our mood is. Majority of the suicides occur on fall or winter and in places close to the polar areas. One of the pioneers in this theory was the French Emile Durkheim that in the nineteenth century wrote about it in his book Suicide. Even though weather may affect the mental balance of the individual and provoke suicide this is not the only reason. Moreover, our social environmental can also influence our behavior. The people who are considered our closer friends, family, coworkers are the most powerful group of influence over our selves. The individual is surrounded by a group of people who try to push him or her into decisions or rules that not always meet the individual expectative, and he or she has to make a decision not easy and that it may perturb someone else. So those individuals who are not strong enough to confront the people who love them find themselves under the pressure of doing thing they do not really want to do and that uncomfortable situation with themselves take them to a point of no return. Finally, they will kill themselves. On the other hand the oppose situation can also leads individual to suicide. Those who do not have anyone worrying about them can many often find themselves lost in a world where everyone has a significant other , a relative or at
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