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The road to success can be challenging but once I reach it, I know it will be much worth it. To stay on track with success I believe that school first must be everything. Doing good quality work is very crucial on the way to success. If my work is quality and I am working hard to reach to success, the outcome will always looks good for me. Along with working hard comes a good grade, to me personally, grades play a big role in success. Throughout high school there are colleges constantly looking for good students with good grades and doing well in school. I do not believe I can reach success if I only have a high school diploma, so it is important for me to reach higher and achieve better goals. In my opinion, people’s true beliefs are expressed through their actions. With saying that, I know that if I try hard and work hard, I will reach success. I must know that along with success comes failure. When failure happens I must not let it get in the way of my goals, I must develop ways I can fix my failure and keep moving. I also must learn the traits of a successful person, see the parts of my life that need improvement, and then move toward more success in my own life. Taking control of my choices and not being a victim of the change life is going to throw at me is another role that is important on my way to success. If l let life get me off course I am going to have a hard time getting focused and getting back on track so it is best for me and others to avoid it before it happens. Also having a good self-image will help me understand my self even more. If I know what is going on inside the world and out, it will help me to stay on course and on a good road to success. Another thing would be to know how to understand my tolerance for risk and how to push past barriers and other obstacles that will be in my path to success. Keeping a positive attitude towards things

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