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What are words? Words are how people think. When you misuse words, you weaken your ability to think clearly and truthfully. In many instances, words lose their meaning through misapplication and misuse. Speaking foully about people behind their backs is just a simple example of how we abuse the power of words. When I was in crèche, I was taught the little nursery rhyme, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words/names can never hurt me”, which at the time felt like the right thing to say when I was being bullied. But as I grew older, I started to see just how untrue the phrase was. Words are so powerful that they can either give us hope and encouragement, or they can break our spirits and crush our hopes. We’ve been told on many occasions that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the person who said that had obviously never read the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or the heartfelt pleas of Martin Luther King. They'd never read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl or the Quran, which is the word of God. According to the Islamic faith it lays a solid foundation for the Muslims with regards to all Islamic challenges. It is also the only book in history that has never changed since its existence. Those words changed the course of history and gave individuals and nations a hope for a better future Words also play an important role in describing a friend. Someone could say, "She is a bright, beautiful, determined, hard-working woman, but she wears glasses." The connotation is obviously negative. They could say, "She is a bright, beautiful, determined, hard-working woman and she wears glasses." What a difference one word can make. Needless to say, the right words produce the right thoughts which produce the right action which produce good results. Yes, the changing of words changes the thought. Thought leads us into either positive or

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