Walking Naked Speech

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“Every school has one they have scars or birthmarks or maybe there is just something about them that doesn’t quite fit in with our cherry lip-gloss and video hits.”(Page. 3) Good morning Ms Bentley and Class Today I will be talking about a book called “Walking Naked” by Alyssa Brugman. The book is about two main characters – Megan Tuw and Perdita. Megan is one of the most popular girls in school while Perdita is “The Freak”. No one ever dared talk to Perdita especially not Megan. But then they get to know each other in detention everything changes. Megan becomes friends with Perdita but then must choose between Perdita or the in-group – a choice with life changing consequences. This particular book was a significant read for me because it was the first book I have read with severe bullying circumstances.…show more content…
After reading the book I have realized just because you don’t have that new LG slide phone or that bright fluorescent I-pod you have always dreamed about. Doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. What I do have is a loving family and friends. Perdita had none of those things. She was adopted when she was only young, her foster parents always fight and on top of that the whole school classifies her as a freak! Alyssa Brugman’s book “Walking Naked” is probably one of the most significant books I’ve read about schoolyard bullying. The book describes the bad side about bullying and its life changing consequences in this case. For me it made me stop and think about the way I treat people. Everyone is equal and deserve to be treated that way even if we are all a bit different in the way we look and act. I would like to really encourage that we all treat others with respect. So to conclude I would recommend the book to all high school students and young adults. Thank-You and Good Morning/Afternoon Ms Bentley and class I hope you have learnt something
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