The Drama Over Bullying What's In A Word Analysis

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Drama over Bullying: What’s in a Word Everyone in their life has experienced bullying, but bullying is slowly taking on new forms in a changing society. The images of a playground bully are turning into little two dimensional and cowering behind social media programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Intsagram, ect. In the article “The Drama over Bullying: What’s in a Word” the author talks about her point of view with bullying and how being a little overzealous with the word “bullying” is not a bad thing. The author starts out with stories of sorrow, how kids had been bullied to the point that there was no other way out except for suicide. This upsets me as the reader and it clearly upsets the author, with her attitude clearly saying that if it has come to this, something needs to be done. But not everyone feels this way; some people believe “the word is being overused, expanding, accordion like, to encompass both appalling violence or harassment and a few mean words” (Munk, page 1). But how can a word be overused when people are dying? When kids are so sick of being bullied they kill…show more content…
Bullying will never be okay, and Munk plans on it one day to end. But I do not believe bullying can stop 100%, I do believe we can create a far more respectful environment for kids. Others do not feel this way, people will argue that many are quick to label all issues of peer conflict as bullying and that there is greater harm in overusing the word bullying, diffusing its meaning and eventually making it ineffective. But I disagree with these claims, the word should be used more and this topic should get more attention. Those kids that killed themselves because they were not socially accepted could have been the next great minds on this planet, or could have made a difference in the world we live in, but they were stripped of their innocence and no one deserves

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