The Chocolate War Should Be Banned Essay

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People always say that teenagers need a taste of reality right? Well this book provides it. But many people believe that this book should be banned for that same reason. It is too crude for a school curriculum. Yet I believe that this book, “The Chocolate War” by Robert Cormier, should be kept in schools to be read by teenagers. Many people believe that this book should be banned for the fact that it talks about bullying and violence. In a couple parts of the story, Jerry is beaten up. There are also multiple parts where the Vigils or Janza bully a kid. But that isn’t so bad that we should ban it. Many kids get bullied every day. It still happens even though we do all we can to prevent it. It’s nothing new to kids of this generation. Another…show more content…
They say that there are too many cuss words or sexual interpretations. But that isn’t new to kids. Most kids our age cuss freely. Many kids our age know about sex. We aren’t in the dark about this. Most people just assume we are. Now a big reason people think it should be banned is because of the amount of sexism in the story. They say that girls are treated as sexual objects. But that isn’t entirely true. Sure that’s what the author said the guys thought. But not every guy is like that. Not every guy is so sexually driven. And besides, this is the sort of reaction you would most likely get from a guy when he is deprived of any female contact within a school environment. I say that this book should not be banned. Yes there is violence but we are used to it already. It seems immoral but people are allowed to have their own opinions. There may be a large amount of inappropriate language but we have heard it already. It isn’t really sexist when you think about it. It just seems that way. But I would like you to read the book for yourself. Make your own opinion of this book. Don’t just follow mine. You may or may not want to read this book but you should because this is a great book that shouldn’t be banned because of a bad

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