Essay On Common Causes Of Distress

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Identify common causes of distress (Ac1.1) • Being widowed • Being divorced • Being retired • Unemployment • Physical disability / illness • Loneliness • Isolation • Neurological problems • Death of family member / friend • Relationship difficulties • Financial hardship • Difficulties at work Describe signs that may indicate an individual is distressed (Ac1.2) • Sleep disturbances: if a person is sleeping more than usual or less than usual, if they cant fall asleep or wake up after only a few hours and cant go back to sleep. • Dramatic weight fluctuations / changes in eating problems: If an individual has gained or lost a significant amount of weight without any changes to their diet or exercise. They might be repulsed…show more content…
Some of the symptoms of distress are mumbled/garbled speech or stammering, anxiety, anger, aggressive body language and concentrating problems. These are barriers that impact on effective communication, leading to misunderstanding on both sides. If you are the person in distress, you cannot hear or able to understand the whole picture because of the vicious cycle mentioned above. Individuals who are distressed will not be able to concentrate properly or focus fully, therefore their communication skills will be negatively affected. Whenever an individual becomes distressed they may experience the sense of "self" being compromised, as in low self esteem, effective communication may suffer as an individual feels withdrawn or stressed. This lack of confidence may appear as: passive or even aggressive depending on level of irritability. Distress can also make a person feel insecure about how they are coming across when they try to communicate. Because their self esteem drops at this point, they are likely to mess up their communication or choose not to communicate at

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