Unit 393 Understand Sensory Loss

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Unit 393 - Understand Sensory Loss 1.1; Sensory losses can have a very negative impact on individuals that suffer from them, it can lead to loneliness and possibly isolation. As we use our senses to understand the world around us through body language, collecting information and communicating, when someone’s senses is impaired it can affect the way they perceive situations. If a person has hearing loss then something as simple as hearing the doorbell can be difficult, this can lead to not being able to socialise and communicate effectively and could develop into isolation is extreme circumstances. Talking on the telephone and watching television will be a frustrating task for someone with sensory loss. Visual impairments can also be difficult in these situations and may affect a person’s ability to read body language, facial expressions and see gestures. Persons who have dual sensory loss will find it extremely difficult and be frustrated during day to day tasks. It can lead to loss of interests in activities and in some case may cause a person to have little or no contact with the world around them. It can have serious effects if a person misinterprets what they are being spoken to about by their family, friends and possibly medical professionals. Persons with hearing impairments would need to focus on reading lips and body language to uphold conversations just as people with visual impairments would rely on their hearing to be able to function effectively within society. People who suffer from dual sensory loss will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to be able to read lips and body language and it would also be extremely difficult for them to use their hearing to understand what has been said to them. Although people with sensory loss do not need to be isolated there are many options available for someone with sensory loss from audio description to
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