Identify Common Causes Of Distress Essay

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Unit 4222-220 Supporting individuals who are distressed. HSC 2012 1.1 Identify common causes of distress. Causes of distress can vary, and are different for each person. Common causes are: * Informed of a death or serious illness of someone close * Receive bad/worrying news * Serious worrying issues re: family, money * Reaction to behavior of others towards them * Find environment frustrating/restricting * Deprived of information and are scared * Anxiety about upcoming events * Unable to achieve targets set my themselves * Overload of family/work pressure 1.2 Describe signs that may indicate an individual is distressed. Signs that can indicate a person is being distressed can be easier to see if you have a close working…show more content…
1.3 Explain how distress may affect the way an individual communicates. All individuals may react differently when feeling distressed. Some may become quiet, and not want to talk or make eye contact with you. Others may become angrier, and do all the talking in the conversation, and they may begin shouting. Individual’s self-esteem can be low, and their body language may be closed or negative, this can make communication difficult with an individual whom is distressed because you may not get any feed back from them, or you may not get a change to talk or be listened to to help them. The individual may even talk a different language or revert back to their mother tongue, which can cause a communication barrier. Also if the individual has a learning disability they may not understand how/why they are feeling, or may not know how to express it. 1.4 Explain how working with an individual who is distressed may impact on own well-being. Working with a person whom is distressed can also be distressing for the person caring and comforting
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