Examples Of Discriminatory Practice

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Part B Discriminatory Practice Discriminatory practice can occur on three levels, which are not mutually exclusive: Discrimination on an individual basis happens as a result of the prejudice of others. This may include exclusion, insults or violence, as in the cases described above. An individual may be singled out and treated differently; bullying in school is the result of an individual being singled out in this way. Discrimination at an institutional level occurs, for example, through an organisational culture that fails to adequately implement and monitor anti-discriminatory policies and practice. When such an organisation is providing public services, the results can be extremely serious. Organisational culture is expressed through…show more content…
Single experiences do not make a big difference to our health and wellbeing overall, unless we are subjected to a physical assault or hate crime. It is systematic and consistent discrimination that is most harmful. Minority groups can be marginalised and isolated. They may feel oppressed. Low self-esteem, poor self-image, negative self-worth and low self-confidence can have a lasting effect on education and progress at work, leading to a loss of motivation to achieve. Stress itself has a number of consequences, such as tiredness. People can develop mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, as a consequence of stress related to…show more content…
Discrimination can also be based on simple hatred of a race, gender or a certain group, either because of personal experience or simple stereotyping. Discrimination can be in the form of repeated mistreatment, verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, or intimidating behaviour or conduct. Discrimination is the act of denying individuals or groups the equal treatment that they have a right to. Discrimination can make a working place a living hell. It festers in a culture of silence, intimidation, and fear. The perpetrators depend on targets keeping quiet about the abusive behaviour. Though both prejudice and discrimination are carried out on various levels by individuals or groups, discrimination is considered to be more damaging. Discrimination can be felt or perceived in different scenarios such getting poor service in a restaurant or being accused of doing something wrong at school or at the

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