Benefits of Not Cheating

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Throughout a person's life, he or she will encounter many situations in which that person will face hardships, questionable decisions, and difficult situations. Many times the way out of these instances can be found by taking the "easy way." Would the "easy way" necessarily be the "right" way? Personally, I believe that there are no times when cheating is right. Cheating has consequences, and creates an internal struggle in the person. As stated in the above prompt, cheating can be found in many facets of the world we are living in. It is not rare to hear about famous athletes using supplements, or "enhancers" to achieve or win awards. These are people we look up to. Many of us can be tempted to follow their example. We have witnessed numerous times how cheating has backfired on successful athletes and ruined their careers. We have the case of Lance Armstrong, who after being at the top of his career, finally admitted to blood doping and using steroids. Not only did these actions negatively affect his body, they also ruined his reputation. We all have people who follow our example, whether it is siblings, children, or other young people. This younger generation learns visually, and they will one day be the future leaders of their generation. Do we really want future world leaders who are corrupt? Maybe we justify our cheating by saying it is a one-time thing, or that what no one knows won't hurt him or her, however nothing is without consequence. Cheating also causes an internal struggle in the person performing said action. Feelings of guilt can overcome a person when they realize that their action can't be reversed. This can be detrimental to their family life, social life, and ultimately health. It has been proven that stress can decrease a person's immune system, causing them to be more prone to being sick. The sicknesses cannot only be physical,
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