Ragged Dick By Horatio Alger Analysis

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Being able to get somewhere in America is tough. Many think that having to work hard and be persevering is the way to become successful. Others have a different opinion on being successful in America. They think that there are factors that can be opposing to a person’s life. These factors that many think that could be adversarial are race, gender, sexual orientation, and pedigree. Those people believe that all those components will be a problem to some who think that just working hard is enough to become successful. Although many people such as Horatio Alger, the author of “Ragged Dick”, have different opinions on how an individual can accomplish something in life, everyone achieves success differently. For most citizens of America, they believe that they must work hard to achieve what they want in life. Some do not think that any other factors such as race or social economic status can affect the outcome of an individual’s life. Horatio Alger believes that every single person is equal and nothing can get in the way of becoming successful. Alger’s story,…show more content…
Horatio Alger’s myth developed through many of his stories, such as having his protagonists struggle through poverty and misfortune, and then becoming wealthy by the end of the story. In such a way this meant that they were fulfilling the American dream. An author named Harlon L. Dalton points out to readers that Horatio Alger’s myth is actually a myth. He explains to his readers that it is impossible to be underprivileged and become wealthy in an instant without any of the society’s problems conflicting. America has been through much discrimination throughout the years, and some of it still continues today. Having these problems occur is more likely to happen to a person because there is nothing that can stop it. There have been many situations where an individual has tried to get out of poverty but had failed on doing
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