M2 Health and Social Care Level 2

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Low self-esteem “Kate is 21 years of age and has a very poor self- confidence and fact she hates the way she looks. As a result, Kate has such low self-esteem that it prevents her from using health care services. Kate’s mother is concerned about her daughter’s health and wellbeing’’ In Health and social care, health care professionals are required to empower service users and raise the self esteem of those who need it. Low self-esteem is when an individual is not confident of one's self and feels inferior constantly looking for approval from everyone else but him/herself. Discriminatory practices can result in a lowering of self esteem, it can leave the service user feeling low and not knowing their self-worth. In health and social care a service users having low self-esteem is common but must be avoided as it can have a large impact on the service user’s health and wellbeing. Low self esteem has many effects such as fear and anxiety that makes service users reluctant to use health care services, poor self- confidence this is when a person is not comfortable with their appearance, mixed emotions is when a person is overwhelmed with emotions and reacts differently for example they might become very angry for no apparent reason and depression, this is a very common result of low self esteem and effects a person’s well-being as they may require medication. All of these factors can make service users seeking the care or medical attention that they need. In the case of Kate she is withdrawn from using health care services because of the low self-esteem. She feels like she will be judged or looked down on because of her condition. By Kate not getting the care/ attention she is putting herself in danger. There are many other repercussions of low self-esteem such as self-hate. Self-hate is a very concerning matter and can lead people similar to Kate to become
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