Positive Stereotypes Essay

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Positive Stereotypes Are all gay men fashionable? Are all black people good at sports? Are all Asians good at math? The answers to all these questions are no. Stereotypes like those send ignorant messages and can affect ones opinion about a group of people. Negative stereotypes are always looked down in our world, yet people still make rude remarks about someone’s age, gender, or race. However, there are people who find it okay to perpetuate positive. This can categorize people in ways that promote their race, gender, or age which some may find harmless. Assumptions about groups even though they are considered to be positive are just as damaging as making a negative stereotype. Perpetuating positive stereotypes is unacceptable because they put pressure on those targeted, can make them cocky, and categorizes those that are being stereotyped. Positive stereotypes can put those targeted under unnecessary pressure. It is usually generalized that Asians excel in school, but mostly math. However, if an Asian student is not so good in math, he could be pressured by society and his family to try to fulfill the stereotype. Instead of taking a math course that suits his abilities in math, he thinks it is best to take a higher math level that he may struggle in and challenges his knowledge. Not only could it affect their grade, but stereotypes like these may affect the way they feel about not being like the rest of ‘their people’. Those being stereotyped may feel they are not good enough to reach the standard put on their race. Although being good at math may be looked at as something to be proud of, those who are not able to meet the expectation could feel a little discouraged. Yes, positive stereotypes can boosts ones confidence, but it can also make those targeted cocky and full of themselves. Lets say an African American athlete is average at football, but good

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